Pierre Kersten


Design idea help needed

Hello, everyone.

My name is Pierre and I’m very active streaming on Twitch.
On Twitch, I call myself β€œPytthon” but this is not a reference to the programming language but also the animal.

I am speaking here today because I am a little lost in the ideas for my alerts.
They should be animated, unique alerts that should leave a good impression.
Because I want to stand out with the designs of VBI, even though I am still a relatively small streamer.
I had thought to make unique alerts for each of the following events:
  • Follow
  • Sub
  • Re-Sub
  • Subtoxin (1,5,10)
  • Donation (5€,10€,25€,50€,100 €)
  • Cheer
  • Host /Raid

    I would be so happy if someone could help me!