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Support guru -
Heyo! My names Caolan, I'm your support guru at VBI, feel free to shoot me a message on our support site or on our live chat at the bottom right of the site!

Claim Your Turf!



This is your turf! Claim it and rep your true colors. Introducing a new, urban theme for your stream graphics. Overlays inspired by Saints Row and GTA RP. A gritty look designed for street kings and crime lords. Contains everything you need to broadcast on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming. Choose black or white, then customize accents to match your crew's colors.

Includes everything, you need to transform your stream to the next level.

  • Alerts & Goal Widgets w/ One-Click Setups ✅
  • OBS & Streamlabs overlay One-Click Setups ✅
  • 16 Animated Stream Transitions ✅
  • 316 Panels with 39 unique designs ✅
  • BADASS Sound Effects & Soundtrack ✅

Check it out now and while you're at it take $5 on us with the code CircleYourTurf$5 or simply click the discount code and it'll auto-apply at checkout just as easy as our One-Click Setups 😎
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Transition Maker V2

After over 20 thousand creations and a whole lot of community love. So much love, in fact, that our servers nearly overloaded. The current Transition Makers free beta will be ending. It will be back soon, faster and stronger than ever. 

Our engineers are working to add new features, more animations (both free and premium), and accelerated delivery times.

In the meantime, try out our collection of free and premade stingers for your OBS! As a final note, if you had already sent in a request and are still waiting, hang tight! We're working on it and will get it sent over to you ASAP.
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Checkout this video I made showing off how to change the Talon 2 Alerts

Questions we often get are:
  • Why are my alerts the wrong color
  • Where do I find my Custom Fields options

These two videos show how to both find your Custom Fields and change your alert colors if applicable (Keeping in mind each Custom Fields will look different package-package)

Shoot us over a line in the comments or on our live chat/email support, keeping in mind support may be slower through our forums than on our chat.
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